Posted on May 24th, 2016

When looking at selling your old car you could sell it to a private buyer, however, you may find it has more value as scrap. A reputable company will remove your car for free and offer a fair price for it too. Contact Melbourne Cars Removal to find out what your car is worth. They can offer up to $7000 for your old car. Here’s how to decide where to sell your old car.

Get Recommendations

Ask around your friends and family for advice if they’ve sold their old cars. They may have sold it to a private buyer which has cost them time and money and only got a small amount for it. They may have experienced Scrap Car Removals in Melbourne that took the hassle out of it for them and gave them a fair price for its scrap value. You can also look on the internet for recommendations to help you make a decision.

Look for Licensing

It’s important that you make sure the company you use has insurance and the right licensing and certification. These should be on their website, otherwise don’t hesitate to ask. If they can’t produce the documentation on request, look for a more trustworthy company. Have a look on their website to check they have an actual address and local phone number to make sure they are a legitimate business. Unfortunately there are cowboys out there offering Free Car Removals in Melbourne so make sure you use a proper company.

Provide Wrecking as Well as Free Car Removal

Scrap car removal services in Melbourne are generally also wreckers that can salvage parts and materials from your vehicle. You might be surprised how much your old car is worth as scrap as this may be more than its resale value. Companies offer free car removals as they want the parts and materials. Scrap car removals are in a position where they can offer you a fair price for your old car.

Be Prepared for the Removal of Your Car

Your scrap car removal service in Melbourne should be able to advise you of what you require for a simple transaction. Free car removals usually require photo identification, title of ownership or its scrap certificate to sign over to them. Empty your car of any belongings making sure you check in hard to reach spots. Take the plates off and ensure the vehicle is easily accessible for the tow truck.

There are a number of companies in Melbourne that offer free car removals. Often your old car is worth more as scrap than reselling. Ask around for advice, check they have the correct licensing, get a great price and be organised. Melbourne Cars Removal is a highly reputable company offering effortless scrap car removals providing you with easy cash.