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Attention all Melbourne Siders. Yes, you have a company who is willing to pay more cash for your unwanted car. Car Removal Melbourne is a part of Atlas Car Removals Group and your local used car buyer who pay Cash with 100% free removal for your unwanted damaged or abandoned Cars, Vans, 4WDs, Utes, Trucks, Motorbikes, Caravans, Forklifts, Machinery etc.WANTED: All different types of vehicles – Cash on the spot from $50 to $7,000 damaged or not, driveable or not, dead or alive, rego or not – No hassle pick up within 1 hour. Get Cash for Cars, Used or Damaged, Running or Not! If you are looking for car removal or a scrapyard near me then Melbourne’s car removal is your choice. We offer FREE Towing service when you book a car removal service with or competitive rates for regular towing

At Melbourne Cars Removal, we pay cash for your unwanted car of any age and condition. We offer fast and friendly car removals in all suburbs of Melbourne at convenient times, so there’s never a hassle for you. Our expert appraisers and tow truck drivers work around the clock, servicing you with the best service, day and night!

When you want a quick and easy sell, call Melbourne Cars Removal! We offer a quick and easy process that puts quick cash in your pocket for your car removal.

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We Accept & Pay Cash For

Your vehicle does not have to be running; in fact, it does not even have to be in one piece to get a top dollar cash for cars offers from us! We’ll take your car even if it is a pile of pieces!

 Important Information: Starting May 30th, 2018 Payments Will Be Made Via Electronic Transfer & Cheque instead of cash. This is following Victoria Government’s ban on Cash Payments For Scrap Metal.  For Further Information, Please Visit Consumer

How Our Cash for Cars Removal Melbourne System Works

So what is cash for cars? it is simply a term where we pay cash for your unwanted car rather than you trying to dispose of the car? In Victoria to remove your car the company needs LMCT licenses. Yes, we are LMCT holders so you don’t need to worry about who is buying your car. When you have an old vehicle that is hard to sell or a junk or scrap car, or even a flood-damaged car, there’s no need to think it’s going to cost you to get rid of it. We buy cars of all types, for different reasons- to use as spare parts, to resell, and to turn into scrap metal. Even an old, rusted car has value as 65 percent of a car is made of steel. We will take the car and crush it, recycling its metal to resell or use in parts and products.

Our cash for cars system is easy, and your car removal is never a hassle, and the best part is we dispose of your vehicle in an eco-friendly way, so there is the least amount of carbon footprint left on Mother Earth. Car Removal 24/7 is a part of Melbourne Car Removals. Other similar car removal service providers in Melbourne Cash For Your Car can provide top cash for unwanted cars.  Visit Top Car Removal Melbourne for car removal services.

When you want to sell your scrap car for cash, simply

  1. Call us at 0416 686 900 to speak with one of our expert car appraisers. Our appraisers are the best in the business and know the value of vehicles, even ones that you have to pay to have hauled away everywhere else. You can also complete our “Instant Offer” quote form located on the top right of this page.
  2. If our “cash for car” offer appeals to you, you can then schedule a time for us to come to your location to make the deal. Our auto towers work 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, so there’s never a time that we can’t serve you.
  3. We then meet to exchange the cash for your car, making the deal legal. We put the cash in your hand, and load up your vehicle to haul off to our expert auto dismantler.
    The entire process can be done within a few hours from receiving your cash-for-car offer.

Why Choose Melbourne Cars Removal?

We are your local wrecker & recycler. When you deal with Melbourne Cars Removal, you deal with a car removal company with years of experience in the business and a reputation of paying their customers top dollar for their unwanted car. We serve all suburbs in Melbourne with fast and efficient car removals and accept any make or model, running or not.

Our expert appraisers know the value of all cars, and our tow truck drivers work round the clock. We are also an eco-friendly car selling option as we always recycle, reuse and/or resell your unwanted car.

No matter what your car’s condition, we will accept it. We accept scrap cars, wrecked cars, salvage cars, car collections, rusted cars, and all other types of cars and vehicles, even ones in pieces!

Contact Melbourne Cars Removal Today

For a friendly, top dollar car removal with never a towing fee, contact Melbourne Cars Removal. Our expert appraisers are standing by to offer you cash for your car. Just call us at the number below or complete our “Instant Offer” quote form located on the top right of this page. There’s no obligation. Only fast and friendly service, and a quote you can trust.

Cash For Cars, Used or Damaged

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