Scrap Exports Melbourne

    Whether what’s remaining of your vehicle is just a chunk, or your entire vehicle is ready to be discarded, we are your scrap exports buyer in Melbourne.  Melbourne Cars Removals buys scrap cars and scrap exports, offering our customers anywhere from $50 to $7000 instant cash.  Give us a call and we’ll make you a cash offer.

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    Scrap Exports Melbourne 

    Whether a scrap engine, gearbox, PVC wire, aluminium or copper radiator, starter motors, electric motors, HMS 1 and 2 or alternator motors, we will pay cash.  Melbourne Cars Removal is a cash for scrap exports buyer that is Melbourne’s number 1 wrecker, recycling all there is to recycle out of your scrap exports.  Our recycling process is one that is eco-friendly, and one that offers fair prices for scrap metals as we base our rates on the current scrap metal market rates.

    Free Scrap Exports Removals 

    At Melbourne Cars Removal, we offer free scrap exports removals that can be scheduled with just a call. Give us a call and we’ll make you a cash for scrap exports offer.  Whether a few items or an entire truckload, our offers are fair and our free scrap exports removals Melbourne are always timely and there is never a service charge or towing fee whatsoever.

    When we remove your scrap exports, we’ll break them down, removing all precious metals, and salvaging what can be salvaged, as well as forming new steel.  We ensure our customers that their recycle is one that is eco-friendly and that you get the most cash out of your scrap exports.

    At Melbourne Free Cars Removals, we are licensed auto buyers and wreckers, as well as scrap exports dealers, so we do offer fair prices on your scrap exports.  There is no easier way to clear your yard and get a good cash deal on your scrap metals than by giving us a call.

    Give us a call and we’ll make you a cash offer.  Please have a thorough description of your items ready to provide us.

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    We are your scrap exports buyer that fairly prices your metals.

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