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    Our Cash for Scrap Cars Offers Separate Us From the Others!

    Tired of negotiating or trying to find a buyer for your scrap car? Melbourne Cars Removal offers top dollar for scrap cars and comes to you, at no charge, to remove the vehicle and put cash in your pocket. Our “Cash for Scrap Cars” system is unbeatable, and one that can be performed during the AM or PM!

    We put our customers in the position to have a top dollar transaction, and we are never concerned or take unnecessary dollars off our offer because of rusty doors or dings throughout the car. We don’t even car if the car is in pieces or missing an engine. We recycle and reuse scrap cars, so we are able to offer top dollar on each and every car we buy!

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    Our Cash for Scrap Cars System

    At Melbourne Cars Removals, we accept all makes and models, foreign and domestic, any age and condition!

    We accept:

    • Ford
    • Mercury
    • Acura
    • Holden
    • Mercedes
    • Lexus
    • Jeep
    • Toyota
    • And, All Other Makes and Models

    It’s not just cars we accept, we also accept commercial vehicles, vans, trucks, SUVs, motorcycles, utes, etc.If you have an old clunker that is useless or a scrap car that you would like to get a little cash for, just give us a call and we’ll tell you how much your car is worth, to us. Our extensive connections in the industry allow us to offer top dollar on your scrap car as we have an expert dismantler for all types of cars.

    If you have a Toyota, we have an expert auto dismantler who will take the car and pull it apart to recycle, reuse and resell every part possible. The same with Fords, Utes, Mercedes, etc. We then take the shell of the car and crush it into scrap metal to resell and reuse, so we get the most out of every type of vehicle, and you get top dollar when you choose us for your Car Removal Melbourne.

    How to Obtain an “Instant Offer” from Melbourne Cars Removal

    To obtain an “instant Offer” from Melbourne Cars Removal, you have one of two options:

    • Look up at the top right of this page. You’ll see an “Instant Offer” quote form. Just complete it and within minutes we will begin to appraise your vehicle from the few simple details we request. We’ll then contact you with an instant offer, which we will honor.
    • Call us to speak with an expert car appraiser at 0416 686 900

    Should you decide you like our “Cash for Cars” offer, just let us know when you’d like us to come to your location to remove your vehicle. There is never a charge to have your vehicle loaded and hauled to the recycling center, and before we leave, we will put the cash in your hand. There are no payment arrangements, simply a cash exchange.

    Why Choose Melbourne Cars Removal?

    We are an experienced auto buyer in Melbourne with years of experience in auto buying, trading, reselling, and recycling. Our expert appraisers are experts and offer you top dollar for your car removal in Melbourne. We also serve all suburbs in Melbourne, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, so you are never inconvenienced. We do have other car removal companies working with us to make the process easy just not in Sydney but in other major cities. Scrap cars removal Melbourne & Auto Wreckers Perth

    We accept all makes and models of cars in any condition and age.

    • Scrap Cars? Okay!
    • Wrecked Cars? Okay!
    • Junk Cars? Okay!
    • Rusted Cars? Okay!
    • Broken Cars? Okay!
    • Cars in Pieces? Okay!
    • Used Cars? Okay!

    No matter what the condition of your vehicle, we will accept it and put cash in your pocket. Just contact us today to get a free, non-obligational quote for your scrap or unwanted car removal in Melbourne.

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    To get started in the process of a fast, efficient, and top dollar car removal Melbourne, just complete our “Instant Quote” offer form on this page or call us directly at the number below. We are Melbourne’s respected and reputable auto buyer who always offers the most for your unwanted vehicle. Just complete the form or call us at the number below!

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