Unwanted Car Removal Melbourne

    Get rid of your unwanted car at no cost and get cash in your pocket with Melbourne Cars Removal!

    In as little as a few hours, you can have cash in your pocket for your unwanted car. We serve all suburbs of Melbourne, performing unwanted car removals at no cost to you. No matter what the condition of your vehicle, we will put cash in your pocket to come remove it from your property.

    When we say any condition, we mean any condition, including:

    • Wrecked Cars
    • Rusted Cars
    • Broken Cars
    • Engine Torn Out Cars
    • Scrap Cars
    • Salvage Cars
    • Used Cars
    • New Cars

    Whether your car is running or not, in one piece or not, has the tags or not, we will buy it from you!

    How Can You Buy ANY Unwanted Car?

    We are able to purchase even the most useless cars because we recycle and reuse the auto parts and metal of the car. Most vehicle owners don’t realize that 65 percent of the car is made of steel. This means, even that old rusted car with the doors off and engine pulled out is worth something when you crush the car and use it for scrap metal. The better condition your vehicle, the more cash we will pay you for your car.

    We pay TOP DOLLAR for your vehicle when you have us remove your unwanted car removal in Melbourne.

    We don’t just buy cars; we buy every type of motor vehicle, new or used, running or not, including…

    • Cars
    • Trucks
    • Commercial Vehicles
    • Vans
    • SUVs
    • Utes
    • Jeeps
    • Motorcycles
    • RVs

    Our junk car removals are not only free- we are a Melbourne car removal company that offers cash for the removal. Our car appraisers are excellent in the business and are able to offer vehicles owners’ cash for even the most useless car. To obtain a quote only takes a few minutes, and by this afternoon you can have cash in your pocket.

    Our reputation in the industry is one of reputability and honesty, as well as fast and reliable service. We have an extensive network of professional scarp yards and auto dismantlers whom we work closely with to bring you top dollar on your car removal. When you accept our offer, you accept a top dollar cash offer for your unwanted car removal Melbourne that is quick and convenient. In fact, in many cases, you don’t even have to be present for us to pick up the vehicle, that is, of course if you don’t want us to put the cash in your hand, on the spot, for your car removal!

    We handle all aspects of your car removal; you just let us know when you’d like to pick up your unwanted car.

    How to Schedule Your Free Car Removal with Melbourne Cars Removal:

    1. Get an instant cash offer by calling us 0416 686 900 or completing our “Instant Offer” form located at the top right of this page.
    2. Together, we set an appointment to pick up your unwanted vehicle at a time that is convenient for you.
    3. We meet, pay you cash, on the spot, for your vehicle and you provide us with the vehicle.
    4. We then load the vehicle and haul it away to the scrap yard where it will be broken into parts and recycled and reused.

    The process is easy and convenient, and once you schedule your appointment for your free car removal, we can have the job complete in just a few hours from the time you call.

    We are Melbourne’s trusted and respected auto buyer who pays cash on the spot for your unwanted vehicle, no matter what its make or model, condition or age. If it is, or was once a motor vehicle, it has value to us!

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