Car Towing Melbourne

    We can help you to remove your unwanted car. Contact Atlas car removals for more details. Our towing services are free when you book a car removal service with us. We come to your place pick the car and pay cash for your unwanted car and tow the car for free. For all other emergency 24-7 towing visit Towing Melbourne.

    Towing services aren’t expensive at Melbourne Cars Removal.  In fact, they are free.  We offer 24/7 towing services in all suburbs in Melbourne.  Simply give us a call and we’ll make you an offer on your car, truck, van, SUV, ute, Jeep, 4WD, bus or bike and pick it up for free.

    Free Car Towing Melbourne

    At Car Towing Melbourne, our car towing means cash in your pocket.  We guarantee not to charge a towing fee; and, we guarantee to buy your vehicle.  As a licensed auto buyer and wrecker, we are interested in all cars and other vehicles in any condition, any make and model, and any year.  Your vehicle does not need to be in running condition for us to make you a cash for cars offer.  We’ll make you a cash offer of up to $7000 and pay cash on the spot of car removal.

    We are the dedicated auto buyer, with years of experience appraising and buying cars of every make and condition and take a lot of pride in saying we are a top rated buyer.  Our history of high payouts has to lead us to be one of the best in Melbourne, buying thousands of vehicles a month and paying cash on the spot for each.

    When you choose us:

    • Free Towing in Melbourne
    • Free Cash Payments
    • Receive Guaranteed Pricing
    • Fast and Courteous Car Removals

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    Get the cash today.  Call us for a free tow.

    1.  Call Melbourne Cars Removal and provide us with the details of your vehicle and let us know where in Melbourne you are located.  We’ll then make you a cash offer ranging anywhere from $50 to $7000 on your unwanted car.
    2.  If you take us up on our offer, we’ll schedule a free car towing Melbourne at a time of your choice.
    3.  Our drivers will arrive, quickly look over the vehicle to confirm that it is the vehicle and condition you described and provide you with the paperwork to sign.
    4.  We pay you cash on the spot.

    That is it.  We will ask that you remove the plates and have your photo ID and title to the vehicle ready for us.   If you cannot remove the plates, we’ll do it for you.

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    Your car towing Melbourne is free at Melbourne Cars Removal. Our towing services in other major cities. Brisbane towing 24/7 offers tow truck in QLD & Tow truck Sydney offers 24/7 towing in Sydney & Canberra.

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