How Cash for Car Companies Value Your Car in Melbourne

Posted on Aug 4th, 2017

If you are considering going for car removal services in Melbourne, you will notice most of the car removal companies advertising how you can make up to $9,999 from your old cars. As much as this is true, it is not always the case and when you make the call to ask for a quote, you should have realistic expectations and know that not every car will attract such a rate.

The Common Factoroes Considered By The Cash For Car Companies In Melbourne

You should know that all of the Melbourne cash for cars services have different ways of arriving at the value of your car. However, there are common factors considered by most of them and they include the following:

The make and model of your car
The car rates will vary considerably based on the make and the model. For instance, Mercedes cars will generally cost higher than their Toyota counterparts. Amongst the makes also, the value will vary according to the specific models. The models that are no longer in production will tend to fetch slightly lower than those whose production is still supported.

The actual condition of the car
There are many ways through which cash for cars services makes money from your old or used car. They can sell them as a whole, part them out and sell the components individually or sell them as scrap. When considering such, the current actual condition of the car is very important.
If it is a car in a good working condition, then it has lots of parts that can be harvested and sold for use in other cars and as such, it will fetch slightly higher rates compared to the one that is a total wreck, whose value only lies in the value of the scrap metal.

The year of manufacture in Melbourne
Newer cars will be relatively valuable than their older counterparts. The advancements in technology have led to the production of more convenient and efficient cars compared to those produced back in the days when technology was not very advanced. Parts from the older cars may also not find a lot of use in the current crop of cars and all they will have will be their scrap metal value.

The size of the car
Bigger cars will have a big body and weigh more than small cars. If the cars are valued base on their weight, then bigger cars are likely to bring in top dollars compared to the smaller ones. For instance, if you were to sell a truck and a sedan to the car removal companies, if all other factors are kept constant, the truck would be more valuable than the sedan.
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