3 Things You Can Do With a Totaled Car

Posted on Feb 28th, 2017

Sometimes it is very sad to see your beloved car destined for the scrap heap, especially if you had spent a lot of money in customizing it according to your specific desires. It is even more painful to see your auto insurer take the car, especially, if it is an older model that is still drivable.

There are certain actions you may decide to do with your totaled car, though they may not be as easy as accepting a check from your auto insurer then walking away. Here are the three things you can do if you car is totaled, starting with the one that most people love doing-:

Accept the Money From the Insurance Company

Following an accident, your insurer or that of the at-fault driver will do their calculations and if it is determined that repairing the damages will be worth more than the value of the car, you will be paid an amount equivalent to the value of the car minus the deductibles if the claim was against your policy. With such an arrangement, the insurer simply buys the car from you, and it gets the title of the car.

Keep the Car and Fix It

If the car is still in a running condition or it can be towed to a repair shop, you may decide to keep it. All you have to do is to not file a claim and instead decide to ignore the damages on the car’s cosmetics while you plan for a full scale repair for all the damages sustained during the accident. This is usually the case for older cars whose owners have sentimental attachment to and are willing to bring them back to working condition, irrespective of the cost. Additionally, insurance companies may not give a lot of money to effect worthwhile repairs if the car is old.

Keep and Sell It for Salvage

The other thing you can do with a totaled car is to keep it and sell it for salvage. Even though this may not give you a lot of money compared to selling your car to the insurance company, you can decide to keep it and sell it as whole or in parts to a Car Removal Company in Melbourne. Alternatively, you could use the parts for other cars you have. Either way, this is an awesome option if you need quick cash and you are not willing for the long bureaucratic process of the insurance companies.

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